The fleet

The fleet

While selecting vehicles to its fleet, Mazury-Trans Sp. z o.o. company takes into account their reliability as well as reasonable running costs.

Our fleet consists of the following models of DAF truck tractors:

  • 60 owned DAF truck tractors (average age 1.5 years)
  • 100% vehicles dedicated to international freight meet the Euro 6 standard,
  • truck tractors operated in international freight are replaced with brand new ones after 3 years of operation,
  • 60 refrigerating semitrailers average age 2.5 years),
  • the entire fleet monitored by Transics system.

Mazury-Trans mainly relies upon well-proven and renowned manufacturers of semitrailers, including:


Through this policy we are able to ensure perfect conditions for the freight we carry.

  • Our offer includes two types of semitrailers: refrigerating and curtain ones.
  • Our refrigerating semitrailers, meeting the ATP* specifications, have obtained the FRC certificate (*ATP – Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be Used for such Carriage).
  • Their strengthened structure enables temperature selection within the range between +12°C and -20°C.
  • As proof of our proper care for the goods we carry, we include the following in the standard equipment of all our semitrailers: customs-approved rope, set of lashing straps, strap anchoring bevels and anti-slip mats.
  • The average carrying capacity of our refrigerating semitrailers is 22 tons and for our curtain semitrailers 24 tons.


  • As one of crucial strengths for our growth, we foster innovation. We put particular emphasis upon the implementation of innovative technologies in the field of the fleet management. In that context, we have introduced the real-time fleet management system called FMS which covers all our vehicles operated in international
  • We have introduced that system basing on the technology delivered by TRANSICS company, the leader in the European market of telematics solutions.
  • The system constitutes our communication centre, enabling prompt information exchange between drivers and dispatchers in the base. Its application allows us to gradually raise the efficiency of our vehicles and drivers, the number of automated processes in the company activities and to make savings in terms of labour and time.

Real-time vehicle localisation

  • GPS transmitters installed in each vehicle enables us to easily locate them and thus control all our fleet on the current basis.

Active fuel management

  • By having direct plug in the CAN bus we are able to obtain data on fuel consumption just minutes after completion of the route. This enables us to monitor fuel consumption and refuelling on the current basis and in effect to minimize any irregularities in this respect.
  • One additional strength of this solution is being able to systematically reduce our running costs while, at the same time, increasing our efficiency on the road.
  • Assistance in route planning
  • The instrument enabling cost reduction by distribution of optimised routes prepared and verified by our dispatchers.
  • More effective customer service through current calculation of ETA parameters (estimated time of arrival).
  • Detailed information on the current position of any vehicle and it nearest stop enables our dispatchers to calculate time needed for delivery of goods to destinations named by customer

Documents sending from vehicles

  • Vehicles covered by FMS system are also equipped in mobile A4 scanners. This solution enables the drivers to scan freight papers directly in the tractor cabin. Documents scanned this way are then sent to the office for further processing.

Effective communication

  • Thanks to the real-time fleet management system we are able to communicate immediately and reliably between the base and our vehicles. This translates measurably into the quality of services we provide and an increased efficiency of our staff’s work.