We are freight company specialised in international and domestic transport of refrigerated, neutral and hazardous goods.

  • Our specialty is delivery to Western European countries, including, in particular, France, Germany, Benelux, Spain, United Kingdom, as well as the Eastern flank of the European Union
  • Our headquarters is in Mazury region, in the environment-friendly region called the “green lungs of Poland”. This obliges us to reveal intensified care for the environmental aspects of our activities. Accordingly, we operate new fleet of vehicles and our drivers are obliged to upgrade their skills in Eco-Driving training courses

To our customers we offer the following:

  • modern fleet meeting the most exacting norms and standards pursuant to the Community directives in force
  • IT solutions that enable us to indicate an exact location of any vehicle to our customers – in real-time and on their own devices
  • as well as to send relevant documents immediately following the loading or unloading operations – directly from the driver’s cabin
  • access to the freight dispatcher on the 24/7 basis
  • timely deliveries performed 7 days a week at the level of 97.8%
  • safety and very low damage rate of our deliveries: 99.5% reliability

Mazury-Trans mainly relies upon well-proven and renowned manufacturers of semitrailers, including:

  • KOGEL – curtain semitrailers
  • SCHMITZ – refrigerating semitrailers