Mazury – Trans as partner of Ostróda Football [...]

Mazury – Trans as partner of Ostróda Football Academy

On 1 January 2017 Mazury – Trans sp. z o.o. company began collaboration with Ostróda Football Academy.

Our company made decision of assuming the role of the Academy’s business partner considering how many things we have in common.

Our company is only 8 years old so we are, in a way, in a similar age to the Academy’s young players. We both reveal true passion to what we do – we believe in our potential, we feel motivated and we are there to go that extra mile. We strive to develop on and on and to reach for the aims we set ourselves. We are brave and – just like these young footballers – we hate losing. However, defeats suffered never break our spirit while successes won mobilise us to work with even more aplomb. All this gives us as much joy as playing football does to the young people we seek to assist. We also have to mention the Academy mentors – people of great passion and hard work who never stop in upgrading their skills, serving traineeship in Poland’s best football franchises as well as abroad

We wish the Academy much success. Below we present just examples of its achievements so far:

The official partner club of Jagielonia Białystok, the Most Popular Sports Club in 2016 accriding to “Gazeta Ostródzka” newspaper, Ostróda Cup Football Competition the sports event of 2016 in the poll by “Gazeta Olsztyńska” newspaper (with games played by such clubs as Borussia Dortmund or West Bromich Albion and Liverpool’s junior players scheduled to come this year).